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Do The “Medical Authorities” Own Your Body?

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Dimensions of Disclosure 2019, Joan Wheaton’s Notes from 8-24-19, COREY GOODE & DAVID WILCOCK (Part 2) (#DoD2019)

As The Storm Cloud Gathers God Will Now Move

Syrian War Report – August 30, 2019: Syrian Army Further Advances In Greater Idlib

@Qanon76: For now we see in a mirror dimly, but then face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I have been fully known.

@Qanon76: What if PAIN really is COMING SOON and we are about to cut the head off the snake? Do you really think nothing is happening? Bigger than you can possibly imagine.

@Qanon76: What if Comey’s arrogant and cryptic posts are being used as a distraction, ‘signaling’ to the DS everything is fine. >>> Look here, not there.

@Qanon76: The Lord is not slow to fulfill his promise as some count slowness, but is patient toward you, not wishing that any should perish, but that all should reach repentance.

@Qanon76: What if we’ve actually been cutting deals all along (think Comey +) slowly working our way up to the top?

@Qanon76: What if “NO DEALS” was really just posturing to throw DS players off by constantly keeping them on edge – living in fear. Rats Running. What do you do when you live in a constant state of fear? PANIC.

August 29th, 2019 Bannon Backbone To Trump Takedown – Now A Playlist!

Alex Collier LIVE Sptember 6th 2019, 88th Webinar – Promo Video

Trump Takes Aim At The Federal Reserve And China

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America Gets Mad Dog Warning—But Is Anyone Listening?

Where We Go 1 We Go All 8-24-19 VIDEO… “President Q, China and The Cisco Kid”

[8.29] 8chan – Space Command – Comey Report – Epstein – Vaccines – Monsanto

@Qanon76: @Cordicon @GenFlynn Played by Operation Specialists’ [pre-event]

@Qanon76: @realDonaldTrump As big as Andrew you say?

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Syrian War Report – August 29, 2019: Militants’ Attack In Eastern Idlib Ends In Disaster

SerialBrain2, 8-25-19… DECODE IMAGES for “The reason Trump said: ‘I’m the Chosen One’”

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George Webb Channel Trailer 2

Yemen’s Houthis Carry Out Drone Strike On Saudi Capital

Earth’s Spiritual [hi]Story – A Prepare For Change Interview with Lorie Ladd

August 2019 – Three Year Summary Of Our Channel

August 28th, 2019. How Many Of Epstein And Imran Awan Operation Cassandra’s Are Enough?

3 Days Until End Of August

Coming Anti-2nd Amendment Studies Ready To Hit Us

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Trump Ousts Top US Navy Admiral And Three Ship Commanders As American Fleet Set To Conquer Greenland Gains More Strength

Our Coming Wave Of Anti-2nd Amendment Studies

@Qanon76: @realDonaldTrump @FoxNews WE ARE THE NEWS NOW. #WWG1WGA #TheGreatAwakening

@Qanon76: @realDonaldTrump @FoxNews WE ARE THE NEWS NOW. #WWG1WGA #TheGreatAwakening

“Dawn Of Idlib”: Government Forces’ Offensive In Northwestern Syria

@Qanon76: @Cordicon @PowerTaking @Justice4allCQ @SherryMercer100 @realTT2020 @adjunctprofessr @LisaOvercomer7 @Beg1Girl @L3patriot @1st5d Anyone can pray, for we are All God’s children.

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Central Bank Admits Failure & Trump Stirs The Pot

“Brace For Impact” Warning Issued As Curtain Sets To Rise On Trump Revenge End Game Masterpiece

Amazon Rainforest

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August 27, 2019. Jeff Epstein Complete Mega Group For Wexner-Lansky Gangsters

Central Bank Admits Failure As Trump Stirs The Pot

[8.27] Live from Ventura Beach

@Qanon76: Enjoy the show.

@Qanon76: RT @USMC: Fury An M1A1 Abrams tank, attached to Battalion Landing Team 3/5, @11thMEU, fires its main battle gun during a live-fire exercise in Kuwait.

@Qanon76: RT @elenochle: NEWS BLAST WEEK IN REVIEW #NEWSBLAST #QANON #MAGA YT channel is ‘NBR News Blast Readings’

Syrian War Report – August 27, 2019: Army Works To Secure Recent Gains

Syrian War Report – August 27, 2019: Army Works To Secure Recent Gains

Syrian War Report – August 27, 2019: Army Works To Secure Recent Gains

Trade Wars -Currency Wars-Depression-World War

@Qanon76: RT @Education4Libs: The Fake News Media was begging for a recession a week ago. But since then, Trump has locked up a $7 billion trade deal with Japan & now China is willing to return to the negotiating table. We have a business genius working for us in the White House. And he’s doing it for free.

@Qanon76: @USMC @MCRD_SD

OPUS 172 Shrink Stupid

August 26th, 2019. Epstein and Dyncorp Doing Takedowns Of Diplomats and Scientists – No Change

Trade War, Currency War, Depression, World Conflict – & Epstein

War Report: Israel Carries Out Strikes On Syria, Lebanon And Iraq

Amazon Forest Fires “Lungs Of The World” Hoax Used As Cover To Keep Hidden Court Ruling Exposing Climate Change Fraud