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War Drums Beat Around the World as U.S. Paralyzed by Infighting

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@BrianHylandCDU: RT @TheUnitedSpot1: If you #DefundThePolice, who you gonna call for help?

@BrianHylandCDU: RT @RealCandaceO: Here is the employee chart for ActBlue Charities— the company that receives every dollar raised via the Black Lives Matter website. The entire company is comprised of white left-wing political activists who you can research. They also run the ACTBLUE superpac.

@BrianHylandCDU: RT @LoveBling6: #TRUTH! #BestPresidentEver!

@BrianHylandCDU: RT @MikeHes52772147:

@BrianHylandCDU: RT @MaryMargaretTK: .At some point, people will see the TRUTH of who has been lied to from the the beginning. It’s taken this long and here we are at the precipice of a Great Awakening of TRUTH! This is a spiritual war between good and evil. Open your eyes and see where you want to stand. 🇺🇸🙏🏻🕊♥️

@BrianHylandCDU: RT @LoveBling6: Prayer Warriors, your prayers were answered! 👇👇👇 whQQhQQ! ThanQ

@BrianHylandCDU: RT @RealDealAxelrod: Hypocrisy folks

@BrianHylandCDU: RT @Jordan_Sather_: Twitter’s CEO follows this account. Wonder why 🤣🤣 All assets activated… #QAnon

@BrianHylandCDU: RT @samanthamarika1: Black Lives Matter…only when they need your vote #BlackLivesMattters #wakeup

@BrianHylandCDU: RT @RealCandaceO: Wow this video is really important and every person needs to watch and share it. Black Lives Matter donations go directly to a superpac called “ACT BLUE” that has given hundreds of millions to Democrats running for President. How is this legal? #BLM is LITERALLY a shell company.

@BrianHylandCDU: RT @kristina_wong: SOON: DNI Ratcliffe has declassified documents related to RussiaGate and ordered them sent to Congress. Big release expected imminently.

@BrianHylandCDU: RT @AKA_RealDirty: For the first time in history please organizations and national security agencies was used to spy On a political campaign and there was no basis for it. So he really don’t care if they think it’s political or not.

@BrianHylandCDU: RT @LoveBling6: @JohnFKennedy_Jr This account is suspended again! Whats going on?

@BrianHylandCDU: RT @CatesDuane: The STAGE had been set by the Democrat Governors & Mayors=a PERFECT STORM of chaos that would FORCE Trump to act arbitrarily=Americans being killed as their neighborhoods were ravaged & savaged by rioters, looters & arsonists. Trump’s #1 job is to protect Americans

@BrianHylandCDU: RT @CatesDuane: ADDENDUM! I wanted to point out, that when Barr’s Presser ended you could TIME how quickly the Left pivoted to #DefundThePolice Just like the Border Crisis, when interdiction was working the Left fomented a FLOOD (Caravans) in response. The goal is to overwhelm/Collapse US.

@BrianHylandCDU: RT @CatesDuane: SO!!! I did this Video back on May 23rd. HOW’D I DO ON MY PREDICTION?

@BrianHylandCDU: RT @CatesDuane: Foreign Operatives & Domestic Concern Trolls descend to disparage Esper in 3…2…1! /End

@BrianHylandCDU: RT @CatesDuane: All it took was THREE determined Americans unafraid to find a solution & DEFEND AMERICA. Stability & Prosperity are going to come ROARING BACK! As America’s Enemies grind their teeth in USELESS RAGE.

@BrianHylandCDU: RT @CatesDuane: The MALEVOLENT Influence over those Crowds, that delighted in degenerating them into violent Mobs is GONE. Federal Agents are on overwatch to stop any violence. We are now witnessing the Protests as they SHOULD HAVE BEEN.

@BrianHylandCDU: RT @CatesDuane: Antifa is flailing about, DECAPITATED. The crowds of Protesters are still coming out, but without the KEY AGITATORS there to guide/direct them to attack police or loot & destroy property most of these Riots have turned into ACTUAL PROTESTS that look like Block Parties.

@BrianHylandCDU: RT @CatesDuane: Eight DECADES of planning, scheming, positioning in Hollywood, the Courts & Academia just came CRASHING DOWN IN FLAMES. Frankfurt School, Alinsky, Ayers, ALL THEIR EFFORTS come to nothing. They will not recover from this. Trump is only going to grow STRONGER. #SilentWAR

@BrianHylandCDU: RT @CatesDuane: AMERICA SWALLOWED THEM. (B-U-U-U-R-R-R-P!!) In ONE NIGHT. 1 Day to realize the NATURE of the Attack. Thur. May 28 1 Day to deploy COVERTLY & monitor movement. May 29 1 Day to take them out/capture them.Saturday May 30th Geneva Convention DOES NOT APPLY.

@BrianHylandCDU: RT @CatesDuane: So they tried an insurrection. Using BLM Protests as a COVER. With anywhere from 200-400 FOREIGN TERRORISTS attacking us on OUR SOIL Nationwide.

@BrianHylandCDU: RT @CatesDuane: Understand & hear this CLEARLY=The Foreign Influence which was like a IRON GRIP on our Throat is being BROKEN. Some of these Governors & Mayors are all in, utter ideologues. But some had NO CHOICE. OWNED. DO AS YOU’RE TOLD. They thought Trump would GO BRUTAL like they would…

@BrianHylandCDU: RT @CatesDuane: When you **take the Money** THEY OWN YOU. I post these pics FOR NO REASON WHATSOEVER! Pic 1 “Tell Vlad” (Who owns me LIKE HIS BITCH…) Pic 2 Trump is probably thinking of DEAD AMERICAN OPERATIVES in Iran & China via Hillary’s Unsecured Server

@BrianHylandCDU: RT @CatesDuane: I often talk about the devastating impact of Foreign Money&Influence on America. I don’t hate the people of other Nations per se I DO hate people & Nations that actively attempt to destroy my Nation & freedoms. MANY, MANY, TOO MANY of our Politicians are OWNED by other Nations

@BrianHylandCDU: RT @CatesDuane: They hoped the PANDEMIC would collapse the Nation. Nope. They tried to collapse the Nation with LOCKDOWNS. Nope. Now comes their loooong planned INSURRECTION! FAILED. You just witnessed a FOREIGN INFLUENCE’S (Communism’s) LAST DESPERATE GASP!