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They Will Do Anything To Destroy

US GDP Down Over 50% Since January – Only 1, 355 Days Of The Pandemic Left

Kent Dunn and Dr. Steve Gant Zilis

Exposed – “FEDS PLAN” To Kill The Dollar

THE SHOT Modifies Your DNA – You Become Property

[7.26] Jesse Watters Talks QAnon w/ Eric Trump / Ghislaine & Trump / Austin Shooting / HCQ / Quantum

[7.25] Live: Coffee, Q & UFOs

Alert – Avoid Big Cities Today – A Mass Call For Riots

Your Job Ain’t Coming Back – Now What?

Is Anyone In Safe In America?

Regional Conflicts – Follow The Money

[7.21] DTI News: G-Max paid Jacob Wohl?! / Kevin Shipp / Dwight Howard / Chinese Spies / HCQ & Cl02

Regional Conflicts Sprouting Up World Wide

Trump’s Controversial Fed Pick Faces Major Test in Senate Panel Vote

Red China On Red Alert – As Is Russia

World Intelligence Agencies Think We Live in a Matrix Controlled by an Artificial Intelligence

[7.19] John Lewis – CDC – Pedos & UFOs – Bolivia Approves WHAT For COVID? – Sather Fact Check!

OPUS 229 High BS Factor

Amy Pope 1

2020 07 17 Connecting Consciousness – Simon Parkes

Jim Willie – Emergency Economic Meeting – 3/3

Jim Willie – Emergency Economic Meeting – 2/3

Jim Willie – Emergency Economic Meeting – 1/3

Corona Depression Sweeps The Nation

America – What Have We Done? OMG!

UK Goddess Round Table Sacred Breath Blue Flame Avalon and Camelot Codex

Look What They Have Done To Us In 4 Months?

White House Leaks Causing Chaos Nation Wide

Black Cloud Is About To Descend On America?

How The USA Became a Babylonian Slave State

OPUS 228 Biden is Senile

How The “He..” Did We Get Here & What Should We Do?

W@yfair rushes to remove suspect listings possibly tied to missing chiIdren

Gold – The Weapon Of War – The Run Has Begun

Our Economy Has Tanked – What’s Next?

[7.8] DTI Headlines: U.S. Dumps the W.H.O. – Ghislaine Updates – COVID Deaths are DOWN! – Kanye

Are We Headed For A Civil War?

Hula of the Stars is telling the stories

Age of Aquarius Activation Report

Bilderberg Founder Ex-Queen Beatrix Offers Vladimir Putin Huge Bribe to Steal Global Wealth

Vaccine Distribution Begins: Acceptance Voluntary, Enforcement Mandatory

[7.6] Flynn’s Oath – QAnon Trends – The PLAGUE Is Back! – Kanye West – Maxwell’s Arrest

UN Intel Report — The Destruction Of America

2020 07 04 Connecting Consciousness – Simon Parkes

Q 100% Confirmed – America: Land of Legends

Opus 227 Trump’s Mt Rushmore Speech

What Would You Sacrifice To Ensure Freedom For Your Children?

Ghislaine Maxwell arrested! Trump and Epstein’s Past

Our Jobs Ain’t Coming Back?

The New American Dollar & Why The Delay?

You Vill Be Masked, Marked & Chipped? – Consent Voluntary, Enforcement Mandatory

Chaos Increasing in U.S. and Worldwide as Khazarian Mafia Desperately Struggles to Survive

The Qwilight Zone: An Alternate 45

Will This Turn Our Markets Upside Down?