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@realDonaldTrump: “After many years, the United States is finally waking up to Beijing’s plans and ambitions to pass us as the dominant economic & military superpower in the 21st Century. What’s happening now is that the U.S. is finally responding (thank you President Trump). This is taking…..


@realDonaldTrump: Rep. Adam Schiff illegally made up a FAKE & terrible statement, pretended it to be mine as the most important part of my call to the Ukrainian President, and read it aloud to Congress and the American people. It bore NO relationship to what I said on the call. Arrest for Treason?

@realDonaldTrump: The Fake Whistleblower complaint is not holding up. It is mostly about the call to the Ukrainian President which, in the name of transparency, I immediately released to Congress & the public. The Whistleblower knew almost nothing, its 2ND HAND description of the call is a fraud!

@Qanon76: Antifa.

@realDonaldTrump: “China Trade Turmoil: China Urging a CALM AND RATIONAL Solution.” @MariaBartiromo @FoxBusiness China is doing very poorly while the USA, under your favorite President’s leadership, continues to soar to new heights – and, despite the Do Nothing Democrats, we have just begun!

@realDonaldTrump: The Greatest Witch Hunt in the history of our Country!


@Qanon76: They do not want you thinking for yourself. They do not want you challenging their authority. Logical thinking always wins. Trust yourself (always). Attacks will intensify [FAKE NEWS [arm of the D party]]. Enemy of the PEOPLE.

@Qanon76: What is projected by the [Fake News] MSM? LIES becomes TRUTHS. TRUTHS become LIES. Smoke & Mirrors You are the MAJORITY. People UNITED & AWAKE is their BIGGEST FEAR. You attack those you fear the most.

@Qanon76: The Fake News media is reporting that @realDonaldTrump is calling for Civil War. WRONG! If they weren’t so blind, they’d see POTUS said it would create a division (fracture), the likes of which we haven’t seen, since the Dems fought to protect slavery. These people are stupid.

@realDonaldTrump: RT @GOPLeader: These are the most important facts we have: 1. The whistleblower wasn’t on the call. 2. The IG didn’t read the transcript before acting on the whistleblower complaint. 3. The WH released the transcript—which clearly shows the president did nothing that would be impeachable.

@realDonaldTrump: RT @realDonaldTrump: I AM DRAINING THE SWAMP!


@realDonaldTrump: “This is about proving that Donald Trump was framed by the Democrats.” @RudyGiuliani


September 29th, 2019. My Biden Firtash Reporting Confirmed In Shokin Documents

@realDonaldTrump: ….If the Democrats are successful in removing the President from office (which they will never be), it will cause a Civil War like fracture in this Nation from which our Country will never heal.” Pastor Robert Jeffress, @FoxNews

@realDonaldTrump: “State Department has stepped up Hillary Clinton Email probe.” @foxandfriends You mean the 33,000 Emails that she has deleted and acid washed so they can never be found, even though she said that all 33,000 pertained only to her daughter’s wedding, and her Yoga!

@Qanon76: RT @2runtherace: I wonder what’s in Pence calls? Why would President Trump point to them? Very interesting!! 🤔 @realDonaldTrump

@realDonaldTrump: ….we are going to have an Election very shortly.” Rep. Jeff Van Drew, Democrat of New Jersey. @foxandfriends Thank you. Just another Witch Hunt by Nancy Pelosi and the Do Nothing Democrats!

@realDonaldTrump: “All that’s swirling around us now is Impeachment. We talk about it day and night, it’s what’s on the news, there is NOTHING that has turned up that is Impeachable. Our founding fathers set impeachment to be extremely rare. We need to get good stuff done. Let the people vote,….

@realDonaldTrump: RT @realDonaldTrump:

@realDonaldTrump: RT @nallieman: Ed Henry just got his ASS handed to him by Mark Levin. Yes Ed, go ask Joe Biden


@realDonaldTrump: Will happen to all of those seeking unlawful impeachment in 50 Trump type Districts. We will win big!

@realDonaldTrump: “These are Trumped-Up Charges.” @PeteHegseth @foxandfriends

@Qanon76: @realDonaldTrump What happens when the public finds out the TRUTH? What happens when the FAKE NEWS MEDIA can no longer control the narrative (when disinformation is no longer swallowed and/or accepted as auto-truth)? CHANGE IS COMING. THE GREAT AWAKENING.

@realDonaldTrump: The Fake News doesn’t dare mention the corrupt Democrats!

@realDonaldTrump: RT @RNCResearch: National Border Patrol Council VP: President Trump “cares” about and “understands” problems on the border

@realDonaldTrump: RT @RNCResearch: FLASHBACK: In 1998, Pelosi blasts impeachment for “any and all grievances that anybody ever had”

@realDonaldTrump: RT @RNCResearch: Ukrainian President Zelensky: “I think you read everything… good phone call…nobody pushed me”

@realDonaldTrump: RT @RNCResearch: FNC’s Perino on Ukraine: “nobody was pushed, there was no pressure”

@realDonaldTrump: RT @RNCResearch: DNI: Trump’s Ukraine call transparency is “unprecedented”

@realDonaldTrump: RT @RNCResearch: Rep. Turner calls out Adam Schiff for just making up “fiction” conversation

@realDonaldTrump: RT @RNCResearch: Rep. Turner: Dems’ impeachment push is an “assault on the electorate”

@realDonaldTrump: RT @RNCResearch: Rep. Wenstrup slams Dems: “Americans have seen this movie too many times and they’re tired of it”

@realDonaldTrump: RT @RNCResearch: Ed Henry: Maquire was “a very strong witness” for Trump, “pushed back very hard” on Dem narrative

@realDonaldTrump: RT @realDonaldTrump: I AM DRAINING THE SWAMP!

@realDonaldTrump: RT @RNCResearch: Rep. Stefanik throws shade at Schiff for his fake opening remarks

@realDonaldTrump: RT @RNCResearch: Sen. Scott slams Democrats on impeachment: “the evidence does not matter” to Democrats

@realDonaldTrump: The only people that don’t like my conversation with the new Ukrainian President are those that heard Rep. Adam Schiff read a made up and totally fraudulent statement to the House and public, words that I did not say but that he fabricated (& admitted to this fabrication). Sick!

@realDonaldTrump: It is disgraceful what the Do Nothing Democrats are doing (the Impeachment Scam), but it is also disgraceful what they are NOT doing, namely, the USMCA vote, Prescription Drug Price Reduction, Gun Safety, Infrastructure, and much more!

@Qanon76: RT @realDonaldTrump: They are trying to stop ME, because I am fighting for YOU!

@Qanon76: @Cordicon @GenFlynn @SidneyPowell1 @realTT2020 @BarbaraRedgate @JosephJFlynn1 @SherryMercer100 @adjunctprofessr @beer_parade @Spaceshot76 @StormIsUponUs @RealPeachyKeen2 ROADTRIP!

[9.28] CIA “Whistleblower” – Flynn’s Case – Epstein – Vaccines – New York Times Pushes UFO’s

@Qanon76: RT @jonvoight: This is war

@Qanon76: @jonvoight The SWAMP runs deep.

@Qanon76: @selvestekjetil

@Qanon76: @tracybeanz 5:5

@Qanon76: There are no coincidences.

@Qanon76: RT @realDonaldTrump: KEEP AMERICA GREAT!

@Qanon76: RT @realDonaldTrump: MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

@realDonaldTrump: KEEP AMERICA GREAT!



@realDonaldTrump: Can you imagine if these Do Nothing Democrat Savages, people like Nadler, Schiff, AOC Plus 3, and many more, had a Republican Party who would have done to Obama what the Do Nothings are doing to me. Oh well, maybe next time!

@realDonaldTrump: RT @realDonaldTrump:

@realDonaldTrump: RT @PressSec: Hispanic Americans enrich our culture and are true examples of the AMERICAN SPIRIT! #HispanicHeritageMonth

@Qanon76: RT @Qanon76: @tracybeanz #MAGA is designed to rebuild and solidify the foundation of our American civilization, so when the pin is pulled, the core will not be shaken. #KAG is about protecting what we’ve won. Follow the timelines. Everything is adding up. This is not simply another 4 year election.

@Qanon76: @tracybeanz #MAGA is designed to rebuild and solidify the foundation of our American civilization, so when the pin is pulled, the core will not be shaken. #KAG is about protecting what we’ve won. Follow the timelines. Everything is adding up. This is not simply another 4 year election.

@realDonaldTrump: RT @EricTrump: UPDATE: We have now raised almost $15 million in small dollar donations (including 50,000 NEW donors) since @SpeakerPelosi started this impeachment charade 72 hrs ago! Unbelievable numbers!! Keep it going — you and the dems are handing @realDonaldTrump the win in 2020! 🤛👍🇺🇸

@realDonaldTrump: RT @TeamTrump: President @realDonaldTrump will host a #KeepAmericaGreat rally on Thursday, October 10 at 7:00 pm CDT at the Target Center in Minneapolis, MN. Join us! #TrumpRally

@realDonaldTrump: RT @GOPChairwoman: We already raised over $500K to beat Democrat Elissa Slotkin next November. She promised she’d work with @realDonaldTrump, yet she’s backing this impeachment charade. Now we’re letting her district know she wants to override their votes, which helped the President win in 2016!

@realDonaldTrump: Voter I.D. is the best way. Go for it Doug!

@realDonaldTrump: RT @RepMarkMeadows: Reminder, as this tweet points out: what we’ve seen is the Ukrainians weren’t aware aid was being reviewed during the call. It wasn’t until a month later. So President Trump was “extorting” Ukraine with something they… didn’t know about? The sham narrative is collapsing.

@realDonaldTrump: Thank you to General McMaster. Just more Fake News!


@Qanon76: RT @CodeMonkeyZ: Everything should make sense soon. In final stages of setting up new systems now. I’m not going to promise a date yet, but things are looking optimistic.

@Qanon76: @realDonaldTrump The ‘Standard’ Hotel. Helicopter crash. Newport Beach. Hotel GM. [AS] [RC] What happened @ those hotels? All related. Future will prove past.