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Friggin Friday Night Show Replay

2020 08 29 Connecting Consciousness – Simon Parkes

Exposed: “THE PELOSI PLAN” To Seize Power After the Election

The Democrat’s Train Wreck

The Friggin Friday Night Show Ep #2 PROMO @ 9pm EST

Feds Announce New Policy: Hyper Inflation

OPUS 234 Biden Lies Americans Die

President Trump Hugs The American Flag

Republicans Tell Truth, Dems Panic & Crank Up Violence

Kenosh@ Ri0ts take a turn for the worse…

Trump Sends White Supremacists Back To The Dems As “New Financial System” Is Announced

[8.25] Legislation CONDEMNING QAnon – Save the Children – The Plasma Controversy – The RNC Smashes

Trump: We All Have A Common Enemy

Planetary Initiation

Covid-19 fear porn mongers are being systematically hunted down and killed

President Trump Warns Of The Coming Apocalypse

OPUS 233 Trump family Ties

Biden Invokes “Lucifer” In Evil DNC Ceremony

C0mey’s CIinton FBl Files Show 5 folders of “ChiId Crime”

LINK BELOW – The Friggin’ Friday Night Show w/Brad & Craig Ep. #1

Analysis on the Mędią’s reaction to POTUS talking about CUE@N0N

Massive Financial Confusion About To Hit World Wide

President Trump answers a Q.uestion

RESET: Digital Dollar Arrives 1 Jan 2021 – SB 3571

DTI Channel Update

Commie Fest 2020 – What A Demon-Party Joke

1st Steps & Odd Events

Pray Hard For President Trump’s Safety NOW!

Shortages Begin As 9th Circuit Protects Our 2nd Amendment

New Jim Willie – Dollar Death – Down & Dirty 3/3

New Jim Willie – How to Restore Our Republic – 2/3

New Jim Willie – The Rise Of Gold & Hyperinflation 1/3

Donald Trumps Younger Brother Robert Has Died

Current Status: RESET & Stimulus Checks

POTUS Confirms I7!!!

FBI lawyer pleads guilty In Spygate Investigation!

Avoid Doctors & Loose Weight With Ronnie

2020 08 18 Connecting Consciousness – Simon Parkes

OPUS 232 Peace! in MiddleEast A Family Affair

IMPORTANT CHANNEL UPDATE!! Livestreams, deleted videos and more!

Nyla Nguyen Interview: Navigating 3D Events to Master 5D Consciousness

Why Is GITMO Prison Finally Being Readied ?

OPUS 231 Kamala Evil Princess

Russia Wins It All – The Entire Vaccine Game

How The F@ke News Creates Their Own Drama

Shots Fired At The White House + Trump Outsmarts The Dems – Again

Is This The End Game Before Total Chaos & Then The Reset?

[8.9] Live: State of the Q-nion

World Health Organization “Covid 19 Vaccine Doesn’t Work”

Licensed to Pill (Beasie Boys Parody)

Did Netanyahu Just Admit To Nuking Syria, Lebanon & Iran?

Prices Sky Rocket As Our Economy Implodes – Be Prepared

Huge Fireball Hits China – More To Come

Why Demon-Rats Demand Mail In Ballots & Pray For Trump Right Now

[8.5] Bierut Booms – FBI Raids – Biden’s Fails – Trump Talks UFOs – Joe Rogan Rags on Q Followers

Grocery Store Explodes In United Arab Emirate – Guess Who Done It?

It’s A Brand New World

OPUS 230 Saul Who?? Yo Semites!

Will We Have An Election In November ??

Breaking – Explosion In Beirut Lebanon

Music of the Spheres

Trump’s October Surprise

Kent Dunn n Dr. Stephen Gant new waterbased vitamins by Zilis

[8.2] DTI News: Maxwell – WW Rallies – Censorship – Q News – HCQ – UFOs

It’s Judgement Day – Over 70 Million Americans Face Eviction

Bill Clinton placed on Epstein Island with “two young girls” – in unsealed 2011 Deposition!

Dl$NEY’S Massive Medi@ Empire

UN Now Openly Undermining Our President